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squeeze´mo (skwēz mō) n. 1. a small, open silicone container used to hold a tea bag after steeping 2. hides a tea bag from view 3. used to gently squeeze tea essence into a container 4. has a dripless spout for pouring

Rather than allowing a mucky brown tea bag to spoil that nice saucer or throw it away after a single use, place a bag of your favorite variety in Squeezmo, press and pour the excess back into the cup.

There’s no waste and no mess. Now, one tea bag can brew multiple cups.

Of course, on top of utility, Squeezmo™ is eye pleasing and durable.

Squeezmo™ comes in a variety of vibrant colors to match your special mug and available with custom imprinting to promote your teahouse or company.

It is dishwasher safe, made from US FDA-grade silicone and an essential tea accessory.

Order Squeezmo™ today and experience the ancient culture of tea drinking with 21st century convenience